Liberate Your Creative Spirit

Engage in a powerful artistic journey conducive to profound self expression that promotes and hones collaborative skills. Building team spirit, trust and confidence are just some of the beneficial outcomes of these blind painting to music experiences. 


This process aims to transform merit based activities and remove competitiveness from the field of art and creativity. Our emphasis is on individual and group process as well as creating conditions for self expression and catharsis.





The participants will work in teams and assist one an other with confidence building challenges. In this environment they are able to express their artistic selves with movement and gestures, while inspired by a selection of instrumental music. This cathartic process evokes a wide range of emotions. It is helpful in many ways that the participants begin their creative journey blindfolded. Not being able to see heightens perception of the other senses and the creators are able to access their individual creative worlds, while still in a group. 

“My blindfolded painting experience was an eye opener for me!.”

It showed me how far I was from my creative core and really helped me to let go of my “perfectionist syndrome” and to dig back in to my flow of creativity. 


To flow with the music and not to think of the next stroke was a relieving feeling.  Being blindfolded was the key to  hear my inner voice and follow my intuition. Definitely worth it.”


 — Signy Oskarsdottir  

“The weekend of blind painting was brilliant!.”

"Never  having done this before, it was weird, intriguing, great fun and  certainly opened up my painting technique and I have become a  braver  painter as a result. Michelle is warm and friendly and  made sure we  explored new ground and learnt an incredible amount, not only  about our  own painting styles, but some of our  perceptions as well.  

 — Katie Knight