Michelle Bird

 is passionate about creating environments that evoke unique artistic expression.


For decades she has taught creative team building workshops around the world to companies, middle schools, high schools and colleges, associations, clubs, and yoga retreats.  Namely at these institutions: Google Zurich, GIS-Zentrum Baudirektion Kanton Zürich, Kanton Schule Zurich A wie atelier, Chain Foundation in Hollandi, Comune di Torino, Creatrix ehf., Menntaskólann in Borgarnesi, Djupavoghrepp and more.

She is now based in Iceland where she offers custom art experiences. 

Hópefli teambuilding workshops Iceland Michelle Bird

Loa Lava

 is a Courage Catalyst on a mission to transform the world of work to a place of sustainability where people can grow, create and lead courageously from the heart, without compromising life balance.


Loa works with leaders, teams and organizations to help them develop mindful leadership, build courage & resiliency and increase creativity.


She is a dynamic and thoughtful facilitator, who designs and delivers high-value learning experiences that are attuned to the needs of the group. Loa has an MBA in Leadership & Change Management and is a Certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitator, NLP Master and Coach.