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Loa Lava is a Courage Catalyst on a mission to transform the world of work to a place of sustainability where people can grow, create and lead courageously from the heart, without compromising life balance. Loa works with leaders, teams and organizations to help them develop mindful leadership, build courage & resiliency and increase creativity. She is a dynamic and thoughtful facilitator, who designs and delivers high-value learning experiences that are attuned to the needs of the group. Loa has an MBA in Leadership & Change Management and is a Certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitator, NLP Master and Coach.

Michelle Bird is passionate about creating environments for people to access and hone their unique artistic expression. For decades she has taught art in many forms around the world  to children, teenagers, adults, engineers, Erasmus teachers, yoga centers and artists at these institutions: Kanton Zurich's "A Wie Atelier", Google Zurich, GIS-Zentrum Baudirektion Kanton Zurich and to the Integrative Psychiatric clinic in Winterthur, & Hollands Chain Foundation.She is now based in Iceland where she offers a variety of art and creativity workshops for all levels and ages.

Hot lava pours into the sea, volcanic glass fragments mix with black sand beaches - as a young child Michelle Bird stood at the edge of strong cultural tides, inheriting her Chinese artist father's classical eye and her Western mother's courage with bold architectural form. Described as "tactile and erotic," abstract expressionist Bird's paintings radiate the fusion of cultures and colors. Michelle Bird came early to her love of color as she leaned barefoot into the ocean wind hunting the last subtle green flash in her Hawaiian sunset. When her family moved to California she added the texture of old growth Redwood forests, San Francisco fogs, plump grape vines and desert silt. Her paintings reflect a wide palette of almost Baroque colors. "I paint fervently for long intervals," says the artist, "as if I were walking blindfolded through nature, feeling the color with my skin." - Text Kristin Shannon


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