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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Our event and platform "WAM" provides a visible and viable selling platform for creative women in Iceland to not only sell their work, but also learn the skills necessary to do so. Through practical, hands-on, sales and marketing workshops and training sessions designed to empower and build self-confidence, we will build a nurturing and supportive community for creators, giving them a safe space to practice new skills while engaging directly with customers.


Our Story

WAM will be a practical incubator for ideas of creators to flourish, and an exchange platform for creative women to share their skills and knowledge; we will strive to create a nurturing environment of collaborators, not competitors. These events will offer an unparalleled experience for the local community: an opportunity to buy unique, handcrafted goods in a pleasant environment where they can meet the artists directly and possibly ignite their own creative spark.

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Learn to Sell Your Artwork

12 - 16


5'000 isk P.P.


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