The weekend of blind painting was brilliant!



"Never  having done this before, it was weird, intriguing, great fun and  certainly opened up my painting technique and I have become a  braver  painter as a result. Michelle is warm and friendly and  made sure we  explored new ground and learnt an incredible amount, not only  about our  own painting styles, but some of our  perceptions as well.  


The  weekend took place in Michelle’s lovely house that has  incredible  views and warm arty vibe. There were only three of us, so it felt quite  intimate and safe to explore new concepts. I actually saw music when  painting blind, and that was wonderful!  If you paint, do this course.  Its fun, its weird and it will open you up to new ways of painting. If  you don’t paint, do this course, because it will open you up to new ways  of perceiving.” 


 — Katie Knight  

My blindfolded painting experience was an eye opener  for me. It showed me how far I was from my creative core and really helped me to let go of my “perfectionist syndrome” and to dig back in to my flow of creativity. 


To flow with the music and not to think of the next stroke was a relieving feeling.  Being blindfolded was the key to  hear my inner voice and follow my intuition. Definitely worth it.”


 — Signy Oskarsdottir